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We are a small game development studio from Kyiv, Ukraine. The studio was founded in late 2005.

In our games, we like to stimulate the emotions of our players: triumph, sorrow, joy, compassion, excitement, surprise, pride, hope… We believe that feeling emotions makes our lives more interesting.

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Beta Update #3.1

Beta Update #3.1

In today's Beta update, we don't add anything special. Just finished the localization of the feature which allows you to rename the tournaments the way you like. Added German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and other languages.Sounds like a tiny thing, however, it's a very...

Update of Beta #3 + Vote for us!

Update of Beta #3 + Vote for us!

UPDATE OF BETAToday, we have updated the Beta-version of the upcoming big update which will significantly improve our Leagues Editor.The main addition to the Beta is the editor of the tournament names. Currently, it supports only three languages: English, Ukrainian,...

Editing weather in the modifications

Editing weather in the modifications

We continue working on the big update which is going to add revolutionary improvements to already great Leagues Editor.Today, I want to tell you about one more feature which we started working on.Soon, you will be able to edit weather in any country. Do you want to...

Football, Tactics & Glory

Football, Tactics & Glory – is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements.

It’s a game for those who enjoy any combo of turn-based mechanics, team development, tycoon-style games and football. It is inspired more by the likes of JRPGs, Civilization, and XCOM rather than by Football Manager.

At the moment, we actively support Football, Tactics & Glory: adding new features and working with the community.


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The first our game is Collapse: a non-stop action in post-apocalyptic Kiyv, telling a story about loneliness, love and sacrifice. It was released in 2008.

Add-on Collapse: Rage, released in 2010, continued the story of the main hero.

At the moment, we do not support these games.


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