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We are a small game development studio from Kyiv, Ukraine. The studio was founded in late 2005.

In our games, we like to stimulate the emotions of our players: triumph, sorrow, joy, compassion, excitement, surprise, pride, hope… We believe that feeling emotions makes our lives more interesting.

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Creative Freedom Update – Now Available!

Creative Freedom Update – Now Available!

For almost a year we worked on a huge free add-on that would significantly expand the possibilities of editing the game, give new tools for modders, improve the graphics. In addition to all this, we added a very detailed hotseat mode, created a new penalty mechanics,...

Beta Update #9 – New penalty mechanics

Beta Update #9 – New penalty mechanics

For about 9 months, we have been working on a huge free add-on that expands your editing capabilities of game countries, leagues, teams and football players. On June 18th we will make this add-on available to everyone. In the meantime, we are releasing the latest beta...

Stories of the great clubs

Stories of the great clubs

Every campaign in Football, Tactics & Glory develops differently. Every time you create your club you live a totally new story. You will meet new challenges, you will form a new team, you will get close to the new footballers. You will feel something personal in...

Football, Tactics & Glory

Football, Tactics & Glory – is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements.

It’s a game for those who enjoy any combo of turn-based mechanics, team development, tycoon-style games and football. It is inspired more by the likes of JRPGs, Civilization, and XCOM rather than by Football Manager.

At the moment, we actively support Football, Tactics & Glory: adding new features and working with the community.


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The first our game is Collapse: a non-stop action in post-apocalyptic Kiyv, telling a story about loneliness, love and sacrifice. It was released in 2008.

Add-on Collapse: Rage, released in 2010, continued the story of the main hero.

At the moment, we do not support these games.


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